Hydroponic tree project

Hydroponic tree project is an idea to have a tree growing inside your flat using no soil, care free, season independent, fruits please 😃 
I done some sketching and ideation and what is needed is a simple hydroponics system and a timed light source. Additionally I want to add some sensors and a webcam so I can share the progress with you guys.
One of the main challenges with in house gardening is the grow lights. That purple hue that the light gives is just plain ugly and will annoy the shit out of me and my girlfriend. To reduce the problem is firstly have it in a room that I can close the door by night so it will not bother me. Use a timer that only substitutes for the lag of light. Light sensor to shut it during the day when there is enough light. Maybe even a iPhone app that lets you shut it down when you have quests over. Like tell it to take a timeout for 2h. If there is some other ways to limit the light pollution I can add that later but for now these are the ones I’m going with.
Lets see how this project comes to life 🙂

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