Apple tree after 200 days

200 days of apple tree

It's been roughly half a year since I planted the apple tree into its first hydroponics system. It started growing and at just few weeks it got dark tips to its leafs. Fixed that by toning down the nutrient solution. In the Hydrotree V2.0 it has been growing ok.

Few months back it started to be colder here in Berlin and also less sunlight. That kind of made it stop growing. It still did ok but did not grow. Started work on the Hydrotree V3.0.

Month back I planted it to the new Hydrotree V3.0 with the grow lights and fans. It went all nuts and started growing upwards like there is no tomorrow.
Today at day 200 it is nice 50cm tall and keeps heading for the top where the grow light is. Need to figure out what to do when it gets that high.

Growing an apple tree day 14

Growing the apple tree so far

Out of the first seedlings that I had I did put three Pink lady apple seeds. Two of them sprouted and one sprouted even better then the others. That one strong promise of an apple tree I put into the Hydro tree as a test subject. First version of the Hydrotree was quite noisy and solution of having the whole mechanics in the grow top was probably not the best solution. This was then fixed with the second version 🙂

Now with all the changes in the little apple trees life it might be stressed out of its mind. I decided that now it lives in the V2 and will stay there.



Today it has been growing in the Hydrotree version 2 for two weeks. In fact not growing might be the better word as no progress has been seen.

I think the problem might be the nutrition solution. I use Advanced hydroponics Dutch formula products So far I used the amounts specified in the bottles. 

  • 20 litres of water
  • 40ml of Grow 1. 
  • 20ml of Bloom
  • 20ml of Micro
  • 20ml of Root booster


Browning of the leaf

I see that the apple tree leafs are starting to brown at the tips. Like you  can see in the picture. I think it is time to dial down the nutrition. Removed almost all the water leaving just 2 litres of the old nutrition solution at the bottom of the pot. Added 18 litres fresh tab water. And made the solution as follows.

  • 20litres of water
  • 20ml of Grow 1.
  • 10ml of Root booster
  • 8ml of Grow 1 ph minus

Lot simpler solution. You might have noticed that I used some ph minus solution. I did some research and found out that nutrition should be of ph value 5.2 to 5.6 to ensure maximum nutrition intake by the plant. To help me out with measuring I acquired a ph meter and a EC meter.

After mixing in everything except the ph minus the solution had a ph value of 8.0. Quite high if you ask me so I aimed to drop it to 7.0. I read online that you should not try to change the value with chemicals for more the 1.0 either way. It took 8ml to move the value to 7.0.

Now the ph is at 7.0 and EC measures at 1100 mS/cm. Lets see how this goes. I hope the apple tree starts growing now that it has a fresh patch of nutrients.