200 days of apple tree

It's been roughly half a year since I planted the apple tree into its first hydroponics system. It started growing and at just few weeks it got dark tips to its leafs. Fixed that by toning down the nutrient solution. In the Hydrotree V2.0 it has been growing ok.

Few months back it started to be colder here in Berlin and also less sunlight. That kind of made it stop growing. It still did ok but did not grow. Started work on the Hydrotree V3.0.

Month back I planted it to the new Hydrotree V3.0 with the grow lights and fans. It went all nuts and started growing upwards like there is no tomorrow.
Today at day 200 it is nice 50cm tall and keeps heading for the top where the grow light is. Need to figure out what to do when it gets that high.

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