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Who am I

My name is Jussi Silfver and in a normal week I get exited about roughly 5 different ideas. Also usually do not have common sense to NOT start working on them and if I do I rarely finish anything 😃
Every now and then a thing comes along that gets me all worked up. Right now it is growing stuff in my flat.
Thats what this site is about. All things I can come up with to grow food in my flat. My history with house plants is mixed. I like them around but can’t seem to keep them alive. This said all systems I am going to develop here will need to work more or less without my interaction. Also want to have stuff growing all year around. Strawberries in December 😃 Lemons out of my own lemon tree and so on. 
I was inspired by a TED talk by Caleb Harper. What is this food computer he speaks of? Well found out more and wanted to build my own. Check it out in the build diary 🙂 Awesome right? 
While building the food computer I came up with tons of ideas that I will write about here on this site. Hope you enjoy reading about them.